Thursday, April 22, 2010

Film: Searching for Angela Shelton, 4/27, Keezell G3, 7pm

To raise awareness for Sexual Abuse Prevention Month, one of our class service project groups will screen the documentary Searching For Angela Shelton. The film's director, Angela Shelton, searched for women who share her name only to find that over half, like herself, have been sexually abused. Soon her journey turns into a vivid and moving commentary on both sexual and child abuse in society today, as Shelton confronts the man who abused her. The film will be shown Tuesday, April 27th, in Keezel Hall room G3 at 7:00pm. I hope you'll attend.

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  1. I had not seen this before we watched it, and some of the things that were in it were shocking. A lot of the literature we've been reading has dealt with the subject of abuse, wether in the form of country on country, person on person or adult on child. When one hears of sexual abuse, as in the context of "Innocent Erendria" or "Monsoon Wedding," the thought process is to be disgusted, but only to a certain point. However, watching this film shows the audience what effect this abuse has on the victims, harming their mental and social health for the rest of their lives, and it creates such a feeling of loathing for someone who would do this. Seeing this film completely changes the mood other works which include sexual abuse.