Sunday, January 10, 2010

Course Policies

Assignment Format: All written work must be typed, double-spaced, printed legibly in black ink, and follow MLA style. Use The MLA Handbook, 6th edition or later, available in the JMU library and in all local and online bookstores. Do not use online MLA style guides: these are usually incorrect. Unreadable or improperly formatted papers will receive an F.

Due Dates: I do not accept late or emailed work. All work is due in class at the start time. See me before the deadline if you do not understand any assignment or run into any other sort of difficulty. If you will be unable to submit your work at the assigned place or time, make arrangements with me before the deadline to submit it early. Work is submitted when I receive it in-hand, not when it arrives in my mailbox or under my office door.

The JMU Honor Code applies to all work completed in this class. Handing in work constitutes your pledge of academic honesty. Plagiarism will result in failing the course and referral for disciplinary action by the Honor Council and the College of Arts and Letters.

If you have a diagnosed disability, it is your responsibility to notify the Office of Disability Services and me so that we can work together to meet your learning needs.

I encourage all students to access the academic support services available on campus.

Office Hours: Please feel free to drop by or make an appointment to see me.

Inclement Weather: Class meets if the university is open. If I am unable to get to campus, I will notify the class via email and by having a notice posted outside our classroom door.

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